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Keeping women in the fight against diseases

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When mom is sick the whole family is affected

What we do

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What we do

What we do Support urban women and their families who struggle with cancer & other diseases

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“We bring a personal and effective approach to every person we work with, which is why our clients stay in the fight against cancer and heart disease.”

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Life Worth Saving is a 501c3 Project of
Do-Right Christian Church
9815 South Vermont
Los Angeles CA 90044

About We craft innovative ideas to keep women in the fight.

Yvette Pye, Founder

Life Worth Saving is an Organization that gives support to urban women and their families. We serve as a vehicle to empower, educate and heal the community. We understand that the effects of life threatening diseases can potentially become devastating and no one should endure these challenges alone. We are driven to offer moral support by enlightening these incredible women with a wealth of knowledge regarding services that they, as well as their families, can benefit from. Our goal is to:
• Support
• Empower through education
• Heal ( physically mentally and spiritually)

Breathe And Believe From The Founder, Yvette Pye

When you are first diagnosed with breast cancer the first thing you must do is breathe and believe.
• All diagnosis of Breast Cancer are not a death sentence
• Contact your doctor to get a exam
• Know your family history; Does cancer run in your family? 
• Become knowledgeable -KNOWLEDGE IS POWER
• Become an advocate for yourself
• Get involved with support groups and awareness classes
• Do not give cancer 100% of your time

Our Founder Yvette Pye is a THREE time Cancer Warrior!  In her early 20's she survived Hodgkin's disease; then she was diagnosed in November 2011 with Triple Negative Breast Cancer which is very aggressive in the first 5 years primarily attacking black and Latino women. Last year Yvette underwent a double mastectomy in an effort to rid her body from the cancer. The procedure appeared to be a success unfortunately in February 2013 Yvette found out that the cancer had resurfaced and now she has to undertake a series of medical procedures. Yvette is a fighter not just for herself but she is fighting for the women that will come behind her and face this deadly disease. We need to find a cure but we also need to rally around these women and support them in becoming positive and staying strong in the fight. Yvette is concerned about the total woman’s mind, body and soul! Stand with Yvette by supporting this foundation as she brings support groups, educational awareness and medical assistant to the urban community. EVERYONE’S LIFE IS WORTH SAVING!!!

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Donate Your donation will help urban women stay in the fight against cancer and heart disease.

Thank you for choosing to make a contribution to LIFE WORTH SAVING.  1 and 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among African American women and Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of all American women. African American women are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease than African American Women and Heart Disease any other ethnic group,yet they are less likely than white women to know that they may have major risk factor When you support LWS you allow us to bring knowledge and resources to women who may not go to the doctor. Our work and partnerships will help us fight these life threatening diseases in our community. Your support will not just save a life it will save a family!

Let's work together by volunteering to help save lives!

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